Writer’s Bio

Flagstaff Freelance Health, Fitness, Longevity, Food and Travel Writer and Photographer, Danyelle JorgensenDanyelle Jorgensen–freelance health, nutrition and fitness writer, internet research specialist, blogger, photographer and author.

Danyelle is a creature of adventure and knowledge and she can share that superpower with you.

She prefers the natural world and anything that encourages healthy striving, so has achieved a  black belt in “Google Fu” to create a solid and interdependent foundation for Danyelle’s questing.

What has she done that can bring value to your project?

  • Anthropology (social, political and medical)–how do you need to reach people in their distinctive environments
  • Archaeology–how do technologies of the past enhance your business and serve your people
  • Botany (native american uses of plants)–how would you like to serve your clientele through natural sources
  • Geology–how do earth processes affect your well-being and business
  • Psychology–where could you improve your relationship to yourself or your client-base
  • Photography–what memories do you want to create
  • History–can you use concepts and practices from the past to improve your future
  • Wilderness Survival Instructor–how can you use your immediate environment to ensure you maintain an “automated safety zone” around your business
  • Gourmet Cook–“how can I just…mmm, I’m going to lunch!”
  • Massage Therapist–what are the most effective techniques for health and rehabilitation
  • Martial Artist (Wun Hop Kuen Do and Kajukenbo)–are you trying to express a need for discipline and perseverance
  • POUND Pro and aqua aerobics instructor–how can adding a “multidimensional element” increase your performance

These are just some examples of how she can help you take your content to that next level.

Having lived in pursuit of the “real”, Danyelle has achieved more insight–more than your average writer–into what makes people tick, when they respond and patterns that keep content compelling and fresh.

In short, she is a professional smarty-pants.

Danyelle knows how to find the information you will need and how to put it to use. From Louise Hay and Matt Furey to Clotaire Rapaille, she is intimately familiar with the big names and their work that can help propel your content to greater heights.